Freshly squeezed juice $95

Orange or green juice

American coffee or decaf $90

Hot tea $90

Infusions $90

Cappuccino $95

Latte $95

Espresso $80

Continental breakfast $305

Freshly squeezed orange or green juice, fruit bowl with granola and homemade bread


American breakfast $350

Continental breakfast plus farm eggs with bacon or ham and toast


“Riviera tropical” oat $ 195

Milk, strawberry, banana, coconut, cranberry, pecan, pumpkin seeds and Yucatan honey


Seasonal fruit bowl with homemade granola $ 220

Served with yogurt, passion fruit, sugar pumpkin seeds


 “Avozuccini” omellete $ 275

White eggs, pesto, cherry tomato, pumpkin seeds, avocado, zuccini, arugula and Cotija cheese


Artichoke cheesy omelette $ 290

Artichoke, baby spinach, brie cheese served with homemade bread


“Morita” Enchiladas $ 280

Corn tortilla stuffed with shredded chicken breast, refried beans, sour cream, morita sauce and fresh cilantro


“Divorciados” eggs $ 275

Fried eggs, corn tortilla, ham, manchego cheese, refried beans, green and red sauce


“Pibil” style pork tacos (3 pzas | 3 pcs) $ 265

Refried beans, red picklde onion and habanero sauce


“Xnipec” Toast $ 270

Sourdough bread, avocado, scrambled chorizo eggs, red pickled onion and fresh cilantro


Salmon toast $ 300

Wheat bread, cream cheese, chives, asparagus, soft-boiled egg, black pepper and olive oil


Chilaquiles Grandma style $ 210

Green or red sauce. Cotija cheese, sour cream and fresh cilantro

Add flanksteak $ 90, pibil style pork $ 70, fried egg $35


 “Sweet pleasure” toast $245

Dried fruit sourdough bread, strawberry, blue berry, nutella, hazelnut and mint


Bacon pancakes (3 pcs) $245

Crispy bacon, cinnamon butter and maple syrup


“La Cocina” pastries $180

Homemade pastries (6pcs)


** Add:

Avocado      $40                    

Egg (1 pc) $30

Smoked salmon 50gr $60

Bacon (5pcs) $50

Prices in pesos, 16% tax included
Glutenfree Vegetarian
Consuming raw or undercooked products is under the responsibility of those who consume it.
Please inform your waitress in case you have any food allergy.
Open from 7:00am to 11:00am
Extra charge for additional ingredients